Comprehensive Vivint Security and Vivint Home Automation

Simplifying lives, increasing energy efficiency, and protecting families.

  • $49.99/mo*
    Vivint Security

1 Go!Control

3 door/window sensors

1 motion detector

1 key fob

1 yard sign

home monitoring
  • $57.99/mo*
    Energy Management

1 smart thermostat

1 lamp/appliance control

12 energy efficient lightbulbs

home security

home monitoring
  • $68.99/mo*
    Home Automation

1 video camera

1 automatic door lock

home security

energy management


home monitoring
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Vivint Security offers so much more than just Home and Business Security. Vivint can integrate your Home Security with your HVAC, lighting, door locks and small appliances. As well, they can integrate viewable cameras into the system that you can view from any computer or any web enabled cell phone. Vivint has 24-hour Home Monitoring that is handled by live operators for emergency events, but the Vivint Security service goes way beyond that to a full Home Automation and Integrated Security System.



Products & Features
Products & Features      
Remote internet and smart phone access true_mark true_mark true_mark
Window sensors true_mark true_mark true_mark
Door sensors true_mark true_mark true_mark
Key fob true_mark true_mark true_mark
Glass break detector true_mark true_mark true_mark
Motion detector true_mark true_mark true_mark
Smoke alarm true_mark true_mark true_mark
Carbon monoxide alarm true_mark true_mark true_mark
Smart Thermostat   true_mark true_mark
Energy-efficient bulbs   true_mark true_mark
Lighting controls   true_mark true_mark
Small appliance controls   true_mark true_mark
Video surveillance     true_mark
Automatic door locks     true_mark
Non-emergency alerts Optional Optional Optional

Vivint Home Monitoring Combined with Vivint Automation = Smart Security

Providing complete Security and Home Automation to most cities in the U.S.


Please don't hesitate to give us a call. As a Vivint Authorized dealer our staff is well trained to quickly answer your questions and to personalize a Vivint Security System that meets your needs. With Vivint you can get cameras that you can view from your web enabled phone so that you can see what movement has occured or when you kids get home.


Most Security Companies only call with a live operator when a door contact or motion detector has been activated. They then call you and then you have no idea what has happened at the house. Was it an accident? Did someone forget the code? Or, is it a real emergency situation? Vivint has a U.L. approved 24-hour central monitoring station that calls you upon receiving emergency signals from your security system. But, with Vivint Security you can combine your security system with 2-way voice for the operator to listen for signs of an actual break-in or you can integrate security cameras so that you can actually look and see what's going on. Vivint Security combines this with non-emergency text alerts and other features that simply integrate the Security in a more logical manner.


These features allow you to be more in control, know what is going on with your home and cut down on false alarms. Vivint Security combined with some integration of home automation features is simply the best home monitoring service available today.


Please give us a call today.