home monitoring

With Vivint it's not just home alarm monitoring...

It's comprehensive Home Monitoring!

Most Alarm Companies only have a 24-hour central home alarm monitoring station. Vivint has that too but it is much more with Vivint's monitoring.


At Vivint it is more like "Home Monitoring" because you are monitoring so much more than just a signal that comes in from a door contact or a motion detector.

Security - Cameras - Texts - Viewable from a cell phone or computer

The Vivint Monitoring experience.


Vivint starts with fast 24-hour home alarm monitoring and then adds many more home monitoring levels. It's security the way it should be.


Monitor cameras at your house from any web enabled cell phone or any computer with an internet connection.


Get severe weather updates to your control panel.


Access your alarm event history online.


Turn on and off your HVAC from your cell phone.


Turn on and off lights and small appliances from your cell phone.


Monitor non-emergency signals by getting a text every time the alarm gets turned on or gets turned off.


Communicate through 2-way voice communication which cuts down on false alarms.


Arm and disarm your system from a cell phone or any computer with an internet connection.


Lock / unlock your doors that have automatic door locks installed in them (stylish locks in place of existing locks).



Not just Alarm Monitoring but Home Monitoring for a truly great Security experience.

Why not have alarm monitoring that works like it should and takes advantage of the technology that is available today? With Vivint you get Security integrated in with other great user features that turns into an integrated home monitoring experience.


Give us a call today so that we can set up a package that takes advantage of the features that will give you the peace-of-mind you are looking for in a security system.